Essential Oils and Shelf Life - What You Can Do If Your EO Has Expired

All essential oils have a shelf life, no matter what brand you are buying from. Ravissante Essential Oils are sealed and stored away from heat and light, from the time we receive it until you open your bottle at home.

Here are some important things you should know to help keep a longer shelf life of your essential oils:

  • Most essential oils have a shelf life of 3-5 years from the date of distillation; exceptions are any of the citrus oils, which have a shelf life to 1-2 years. (aside from Bergamot which can be up to 3 years). Some oils can have a shelf life of 6-10 years, depending on the type of oil.
  • If you store your oils in a cool, dark location, (a bar fridge is perfect for storage, between 2-4° C) EO's can last quite a bit longer than the 'best before' date. Essential oils deteriorate, oxidize, and lose their effectiveness over time, and they should not be used on the skin once they have expired. You can tell by the scent if your oil has oxidized.
  • Each time you open your essential oil bottle, you expose your oils to oxygen and light, and the constituents that are in the oil can deteriorate faster, making it less effective. Ensure that your caps are screwed on tight.
  • Purchase your EO's in small quantities (typically 10-15 ml bottles) so that you won't have to throw away a large amount when it expires.
  • If your oil has oxidized, throw it out.


Once it has expired, but has not oxidized, there are still ways you can use your essential oils:

  • Use as a cleaner in your bathroom, kitchen, floors for a pleasant natural scent; there are tons of recipes on the internet for natural cleaner solutions.
  • Place some drops onto cotton balls and place in your drawers/closets
  • Place drops into a dryer ball for natural scented clothing
  • Sprinkle in the gardens to help keep unwanted pests away

Some essential oils can be expensive, which is why it's best to follow these guidelines so that you're not wasting your money, and receive the full benefits of what nature has to offer.



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