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Bracebridge Sportsplex Spring Market

Ravissante will be at the Bracebridge Sportsplex on Saturday, April 30, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Looking forward to seeing everything there! B
Valentine's Day Contest!

Valentine's Day Contest!

Valentines Day Contest! Enter to win a 5 ml bottle of Rose Essential Oil! Tell us in a paragraph why you want to win this prize. Be sure to sign w...
Reed Diffusers - How Do We Use Them?

Reed Diffusers - How Do We Use Them?

Have you ever wondered how to use a Reed Diffuser? What ingredients you need for it? Using a reed diffuser can be beneficial for your health and we...

Welcome Monica Beaumont - Ravissante Distributor in Muskoka!

We are so happy to welcome Monica Beaumont to Ravissante as a Distributor. Monica is a life time Bracebridge resident and because of her love of o...
Essential Oils and Shelf Life - What You Can Do If Your EO Has Expired

Essential Oils and Shelf Life - What You Can Do If Your EO Has Expired

All essential oils have a shelf life, no matter what brand you are buying from. Ravissante Essential Oils are sealed and stored away from heat and ...
Spotlight on Frankincense Essential OIl

Spotlight on Frankincense Essential OIl

  Genus: Boswellia Family: Burseraceae Frankincense comes from an old French term franc encens which translates to quality incense. It is also refe...

Here's what some people are saying about Ravissante...

I use all of the products as well as my 22 year old daughter and 20 year old son. We all LOVE every single product, my son suffers with psoriasis on his hands and face and the geranium natural remedy is the only thing that works. We had spent many hundreds on store bought and prescription products that did nothing. We love the incredible customer service and look forward to trying any new products in future. If you're looking for reasonable high quality products that work, then you've found the company and the personal service is top notch !!

Jenn BA

I love all of the products! The lip balms are fantastic during the dry weather.

Being allergic to fragrances makes finding body washes and body butters hard, but the subtle scents of the essential oils are perfect for me! I highly recommend trying these products.

Sami M

I really love using the Ravissante Natural Remedy and find it very soothing and lasting. Only a small amount is needed each time I use it and always the texture remains so smooth, even after an extended time--with a very slight pleasing odour. I would recommend this Product for smooth skin. Its Great!

Pamela M

Geranium Natural Remedy is my absolute favorite !!! Such a great moisturizer !!

Shannon F

" My Dad swears by your Geranium Natural Remedy on his hands-he works outside all day every day and has tried everything and this is all that works!"

Jennifer B