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All of our Skin Care Products are Mild and Natural
Paraben Free ~ Gluten Free ~ Never Tested on Animals

Contains mild and natural preservatives

All of our Essential Oils are either Organic or Ethically Grown

Uplift your mind, body and spirit with Ravissante


Providing mild and natural alternatives for those who care about what they use on their skin.

How (WHY) We Started...

When I was younger, I always had to use simple products that had simple ingredients or else I'd have a breakout. I could only use mild soaps with no perfume.

Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of what the ingredients are in the items we have in our makeup bags and bathroom cabinets -- things we use on a daily basis.

As I got older, and with the onset of those lovely inevitable age lines, I started researching alternative and more natural ways to keep looking and feeling healthy. In my research, I've discovered the multiple uses of essential oils and how they can benefit our body, mind, and ultimately, uplift our spirits.

We started manufacturing our own products knowing that we'd be helping many people out there who have sensitivity to certain products and scents. We have recently started bringing in our own essential oils, to ensure that we are getting a pure, undiluted, and un-adulterated essential oil. We source organic where we can, or ethically grown. All of our organic products come certified as pure organic; certification and GCMS Analysis information are available upon request.

Ravissante creams, lotions, body washes and lip balms are not animal tested, are SLS and Paraben free, and contain mild and natural preservatives.

At Ravissante, we're passionate about providing products that you can trust -- please feel free contact us.


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