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Essential Oils - Shelf Life and Safety

Were you aware that all essential oils, no matter what brand or company you are purchasing from, have a shelf life? Some oils are only good for 1-2 years on the shelf, depending on how often they are exposed to air or light, and some oils are good for 6+ years. This is why it's always important to store your oils either in a cool dark location (amber bottle is preferred), or store in the refrigerator to ensure they last. Thicker oils like Vetiver shouldn't be stored in the refrigerator, as these would be difficult to use right away.

Ravissante now provides important information on each product page on the website. This information includes the shelf life, Child Safety (ages) and whether it's pet safe (Doggies or Kitties). It also includes the 'Best Before' date on every oil that we bring in, so that you will always know what you're getting when you place an order.

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