Rosehip Certified Organic Carrier Oil - 30 ml (w glass dropper)

Rosehip Certified Organic Carrier Oil - 30 ml (w glass dropper)

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Botanical Name:  Rosa canina

Rosehip Oil is considered a “drying oil” which means that it is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave an oily feel.

Used topically, Rosehip Carrier Oil is suitable for all skin types, including skin that is sensitive, dry, oily, scarred, or damaged by UV radiation. Skin types that are oily or acne-prone will benefit more from using it sparingly, as it may aggravate these skin conditions.

Rosehip Carrier Oil is reputed for its healing and anti-aging properties and is beneficial for mature skin. It works to accelerate skin regeneration and to reduce the appearance of minor skin conditions such as those involving enlarged pores or age spots, thereby restoring and maintaining a youthful appearance. It can sooth skin afflicted by dryness, eczema, hyper-pigmentation, and psoriasis. This lightweight, easily-absorbed oil does not leave an oily residue on the skin’s surface. It restores elasticity to skin with wrinkles and stretch marks, minimizing the appearance of both. This “Oil of Youth” replenishes skin’s moisture by creating a protective barrier on the skin that prevents its dehydration. Applied to areas with rough skin such as knees, elbows, and calloused heels, Rosehip Carrier Oil softens skin to restore its suppleness.

The skin brightening properties of Rosehip Seed Oil help restore skin’s natural color and tone while lightening any unwanted dark blemishes caused by damage from overexposure to the sun, age spots, acne scars, or wounds. Its astringent, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties are known to facilitate the healing of wounds and burns by tightening the skin. This makes it effective in firming skin that sags from rapid weight loss such as after child birth. Rosehip Carrier Oil strengthens not only cells and tissue, but also brittle nails with dry cuticles.

Used in hair, Rosehip Oil’s fatty acids reduce the itchiness characteristic of a dry scalp. The oil instantly restores hair’s shine by eliminating dandruff without leaving a greasy residue on the scalp, making it easy to use directly on the scalp without the worry of an oily look and feel. Rich in vitamins, Rosehip Carrier Oil gives hair resilience, adding silkiness, volume, and bounce to strands that are dull and limp.

Used in a massage, (recommend 1 ml of Rosehip per 10 ml of another carrier oil) Rosehip Oil works as a soothing agent for reducing pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and joint pain. The scent of Rosehip Oil is also known to have a stress-relieving effect, thus promoting a sense of calm and relaxation in aromatherapy massage clients.

  • Aids in reducing pain and inflammation for osteoarthritis and joint pain
  • Itchy skin (aids in relief of eczema and psoriasis)
  • Astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizer
  • Hair health
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Massage therapy
  • Itchy skin (aids in relief of eczema and psoriasis)

Suggested Uses For Face:
Rosehip Oil can be applied directly to the skin right out of the bottle to promote healthy, radiant, firm, youthful skin. 

  • For a gentle facial moisturizer, massage no more than 3 drops of Rosehip Oil to a freshly cleansed face. This can be applied once in the morning and once at night to keep skin hydrated and supple.
  • Up to 2 drops of Rosehip Carrier Oil can be added to your daily skin moisturizer.
  • For a facial blend to soothe and reduce acne, blend a few drops of Rosehip Carrier Oil with 1 Tbsp of Jojoba Carrier Oil, 3 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil, 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil, and 3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil. Blend all the oils together in a small, dark glass bottle and shake it gently to mix them thoroughly. No more than 3 drops of this oil blend can be gently massaged into skin to moisturize and to reduce acne blemishes, scars, or stretch marks. 

To cleanse skin of makeup such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara, pour a few drops of the oil onto a cotton bud and gently wipe it across the eyelids and lashes. Any oil that remains on the skin will work to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

For Hair:

  • Used in hair, Rosehip Oil may be applied directly to the scalp and left on for an hour before washing it out. This will hydrate dry hair while soothing, eliminating, and preventing dandruff.
  • To restore the luster to dull hair and to repair damaged strands, Rosehip Oil can be combined with Coconut Carrier Oil before being applied to the hair and scalp. These oils can also be gently heated in a bowl before being massaged for 10 minutes into natural, permed, or colored hair. The result will be hair that feels softer, smoother, and stronger.

To prevent and fade blemishes, to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, to relieve sunburn and inflammation, and to balance the production of collagen, 2-3 drops of Rosehip Oil can be massaged into the affected area daily for 2-3 months or until there are visible results. Alternatively, Rosehip Oil can be blended with essential oils that are known to diminish the appearance of unwanted dark spots, such as Tea Tree Essential Oil or Lemon Essential Oil.

Certified Organic 100% Pure Rosehip Carrier Oil

Method of Processing: Cold Pressed
Processing Type: Unrefined
Main Constituents: Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, and Stearic Acid
Country of Origin:
Part of the Plant: Seeds

Store in a cool dark place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life which can be up to 2 years. Refrigeration after opening is recommended.

Mix: a few drops of Rosehip carrier oil, add to 1 tspn (5 ml) carrier oil such as Jojoba, add a few drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil.

Not for ingestion. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided. Use caution when trying carrier oils on the skin or in the hair for the first time.

Rosehip Oil may aggravate acne in high concentrations, and for some individuals, it may cause sensitivity to light if it gets into their eyes.
Individuals taking medication for blood clotting may experience a drug interaction. The Vitamin C content of Rosehip Oil may negatively impact the control of diabetes, increase the risk of developing kidney stones, and affect iron absorption in the body. To prevent these side effects, consult with a medical professional prior to use, and stop using the oil two weeks before a surgery, as Rosehips in any form may increase the risk of bleeding. 

The National Organic Program develops, implements, and administers national production, handling, and labeling standards for organic agricultural products. The QAI (Quality Assurance International) also accredits the certifying agents (foreign and domestic) who inspect organic production and handling operations to certify that they meet USDA standards.